First bug documented - 1947
A moth in the wires caused an interference in a old computer

Things we have never asked ourselves, how why a bug is said bug have a simpler sense than it seems. Bug is the term that is used colloquially to describe any type of failure or error in the correct functioning of a computer.

The word bug began to be used to describe this type of errors in electromechanical devices since the beginning of the 20th century. Even Thomas Edison had already used the word bug in 1878 as synonymous with errors and problems.

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But on September 9, 1947 something surprising happened. One of the engineers working with the mastodontic computer Mark II of Harvard University found a moth hooked to one of the relays of the system that prevented the proper functioning of the computer. That is, at that moment and moment, the origin of the computer failure was literally a bug.

The most sympathetic thing of the history is that the corpse of this lepidóptero passed a formed part of the history of the computer science, not only by its feat, but also of present body, since its inert body was glued to the book of activity registry of the Computer with the comment «First real case of bug found»