Windows Vista – 2006
A software bug detected legal copies as pirates

Everyone knows that Windows Vista was not the best operating system, had a nice graphical interface and the advancement of the system we know today but also an endless list of errors and discomforts.

Vista was an operating system developed for security, you could practically do nothing without giving permissions, which is fine but in some cases annoying.

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But beyond that, a bug was discovered in the anti-piracy system, this bug caused that some users who had obtained the SO legally, because it is seen that there are, when updating was not recognized the license and they were forced to authenticate the System in three days or otherwise Windows launched its reduced functionality mode.

From Microsoft they recognized that the error was in the own OS and they released an update to solve it. Very good for them, they recognized the problem and solved it, so that's all good, but it was not going to be all that nice because to access at this update you must own a copy of the original Windows.