Transsiberian gasoduct – 1982
The biggest non-nuclear explosion ever seen

Around Halloween 1982, an explosion occurred in the middle of Siberia, vaporizing a large segment of the newly-built trans-Siberian pipeline. The explosion –which was reported to be 1/7 the magnitude of the nuclear weapons dropped on Japan during WWII– severely damaged the pipeline, which was set to produce $8 Billion in petroleum revenue annually for the USSR. Only recently has this silently successful CIA operation been disclosed to the public.

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The explosion caused a huge crater on the surface and, if there was a nearby town, has become another tragedy of enormous proportions. Fortunately, the area in question was withdrawn and did not affect any woman, but authorities evacuated kilometers of people from the areas for security reasons, given the misfortune occurred only three months earlier and panic another new case 'The invisible enemy '.